The Almshouses of the Donnington Hospital Trust

THE TRUST IS CURRENTLY OFFERING almshouse accommodation at our trust sites. We invite applicants who are able to maintain an independent life within a quiet and tranquil community. The Trust usually prioritises local retired residents with limited means. If you wish to be considered, please go to the applications page and download the application form or for more information, please telephone the trust office.

Donnington Hospital

Donnington Hospital in Donnington is the Trust's original foundation.

Abberbury Close

Abberbury Close was constructed to house 12 poor women and a warden.

Hartley Russell Close

Hartley Russell Close is the Trusts only operation in Oxford.

Donnington Close

Donnington Close was completed in two stages from 1970 to 1984.

Groombridge Place

Opened in 1993 by Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Jesus Hospital

Jesus Hospital's original 34 almshouses were built in a quadrangle between 1623 and 1628.